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Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceKing County?s youngest people, their families, and their educators are all suffering from our regions? child care crisis. Early childhood education in King County is among the most expensive in the nation, becoming more and more unaffordable for our region?s families. Although child care can cost ... [read more]

Who are Seattle's Tipped Workers?The $15-an-hour minimum wage in Seattle has been focused on a debate over tipped workers, who according to our analysis, comprise of less than 10% of workers who earn below $15 an hour. In this policy brief, we shine a spotlight on all tipped workers in Seattle, so that city elected officials ... [read more]

Economic and Equity Outcomes of a $15/hr Minimum Wage in Seattle In this policy brief, we explore implications of a $15 minimum wage for the City of Seattle. Specifically, we examine the potential outcome of a $15 minimum wage on our local economy, assess outcomes by industry sector, and demonstrate that a $15 minimum wage would create large scale benefits to ... [read more]

2013 Annual Report [read more]

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