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Who are Seattle's Tipped Workers?The $15-an-hour minimum wage in Seattle has been focused on a debate over tipped workers, who according to our analysis, comprise of less than 10% of workers who earn below $15 an hour. In this policy brief, we shine a spotlight on all tipped workers in Seattle, so that city elected officials ... [read more]

Economic and Equity Outcomes of a $15/hr Minimum Wage in Seattle In this policy brief, we explore implications of a $15 minimum wage for the City of Seattle. Specifically, we examine the potential outcome of a $15 minimum wage on our local economy, assess outcomes by industry sector, and demonstrate that a $15 minimum wage would create large scale benefits to ... [read more]

REPORT - The Economic Impacts of a Transportation and Hospitality Living Wage in the City of SeaTacPuget Sound Sage, a regional think tank, issued an analysis of the economic benefit of the SeaTac initiative. According to the analysis, increased worker spending will multiply, resulting in a $54 million income boost for the region and more than 400 new local jobs. [read more]

BRIEF - Paid Sick Days: How Grocers and Retailers Can Curb the Spread of Illness and Promote Public HealthIn a recent survey of grocery and supercenter workers in King County, Puget Sound Sage found that a large proportion of grocery workers in King County go to work sick. Most cited inadequate paid time off as a reason. [read more]

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