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Sign our petition calling for a stronger incentive zoning program in Seattle!
It’s time to follow in the footsteps of cities across the country and create a mandatory IZ program that promotes on-site performance and increases contributions to our housing fund. Only then can we ensure that low and modest wage workers benefit from mixed-income, opportunity-rich neighborhoods as Seattle grows.
Urge Your Organization to Endorse Puget Sound Sage's Recommended Incentive Zoning Principles
In addition to gathering individual petition signatures, we are also looking for organization to endorse Puget Sound Sage's recommended IZ principles. Several organizations have already signed on such as One America, UFCW 21, Working Washington, SEIU 775. If your organization is interested in endorsing, contact Ubax Gardheere at 206-697-3526 or email ubax@pugetsoundsage.org.
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